Ohio Wedding DJs

Enjoy the Biggest Celebration Of Your Life

Whether big or small, your wedding is worth remembering. Let's give your guests a night to remember, too!

Quality Music Selection

Mixes will jive with you and your guests, including song requests (and excluding your "do not play" list).

Communication and Accessibility

Rest confident knowing your schedule is adhered to and there will be no surprises, so your wedding goes off without a hitch. We'll also have an online portal for managing details, so you know everything is set.

Crisp, Clear Audio

High-quailty audio covers entire venue. 10+ years of sound-engineering experience, high-end equipment, and a smart speaker system fills the space without blowing out your guests.

It's All About You

You're the real show. We're here to enhance your day, not to be the center of attention. Minimal mic usage beyond formalities keeps the focus on you.

Lighting, fog, and other enhancements are tastefully used to keep the atmosphere fun but distraction-free.

Our DJ display is customizable to fit your wedding and decor.

Wedding DJ Pricing

Wedding DJ Packages start at $1495 for 4 Hours.
Schedule your consult to build out your day!

School Dance DJs

If you're going to give your students the best dance of the year, you're going to need an energetic DJ that's in touch with the times and can keep the party rolling.


- Clean Tracks
- Club-level Lighting

School Dance Pricing

Starts at just $995 for 3 hours

Corporate Event DJs

Wouldn't it be great to know your guests are going to have a great time at your event?

Our corporate event DJ packages keeps everyone engaged and loving their experience at your event.

Packages start at $995

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